Villa Nova


Est. 1978


Have you tried our homemade...

Creamy Limoncello?

Limoncello, the beloved Italian liqueur, was first created over a century ago in southern Italy, However, it wasn’t until 2018 when our esteemed patriarch (after a brief trial and error period) perfected this fine libation halfway around the world, right here in Columbus.

This delicious blend of lemon, crème, and high proof vodka is a wonderful treat whether enjoyed up or as one of our two new cocktails…the Villa Creamsicle and the Tropicalia.

In the Villa Creamsicle we blend our creamy limoncello with Pinnacle Whipped and a splash of Smirnoff Vanilla. It’s the perfect martini to both kick off and close your dining experience.

The second cocktail, the Tropicalia, is an homage to those more tropical Italian climates with a blend of our homemade creamy limoncello, Bacardi rum, and fruit juice.

That all sounds delicious doesn’t it. You don’t have to take our word for it. Our homemade creamy limoncello is available year-round, so you can find out for yourself any time you want.

limoncello poster
villa creamsicle

Did You Know!

There are 273 total tea kettles decorating the walls of the dining room, making Villa Nova an official Pokemon Go hotspot.

You've Been Heard!

When we first decided to give our digital presence its much needed makeover, we kept hearing certain questions over and over. One of those things was “Why don’t you have a cocktail menu?” We have decided to answer that question with the release of eight new specialty cocktails; all of which are made with only those bottles located on the “top shelf” and priced at the low, low cost of $8.

cocktails on bar

We have something for everyone from the sweet (I recommend trying the Villa Creamsicle; a delicious blend of our homemade, creamy Limoncello, Pinnacle Whipped, and Smirnoff Vanilla) to the savory (see the Bloody Maria.) We have drinks for those who like their drinks tropical (the Tropicalia, a masterful blend of our homemade, creamy Limoncello, Barcardi, and fruit juice) and those who like their drinks a little stiffer (check out our bourbon options.) Enjoy!